God intends for us to experience life together.

As a spiritual family, we enjoy getting together in small groups during the week.

A small group is a weekly gathering of three or more people that meet in a home, at church or another place. They spend time together, study the Bible and pray together. Groups come in different shapes and sizes. From time to time we have groups focussed on married couples, singles, mens group or women’s groups.  Sometimes we have children present, sometimes not. We can even meet at a workplace. There is no age restriction. No matter where you are in life, it is important to find a group of people you can share your life with and meet with on a regular basis. Fun is definitely thrown in the mix!
We would like to encourage everyone to find a small group.
If you’re looking to join a group, or have questions or suggestions related to small groups you can fill in the form below or send an email to smallgroups@everynationgent.org

New Group?

The current small group season runs from Easter until the end of June.

Looking for a group with another focus? Is the day/location a problem? Let us know! Then we’ll have a look how we can help!

Launchpad: Next Step

Foundations & next step
In the Foundations we’ll look at what is: salvation, grace, prayer, the bible and much more!
With the Next step we’ll see what is the vision & values of the church & for your life.
Rossana & Astrid
Tuesday, weekly @19:30

A journey with Ruth

Discover how the exceptional journey of Ruth can be an education for your life.
Tuesday, weekly @20:00

Men's Group

Men’s group: From spiritual slavery to spiritual sonship
We’ll work around the book like the title says: Experience the Father’s healing love
Ruben & Jan
Friday, 2-weekly @19:30

It's Time To Grow Up

We’ll talk, reflect, study & grow around Trevor Botha’s book around spiritual maturity
Tuesday, 2-weekly @20:00

50+ Ladies

We learn and share, laugh and cry, but also celebrate & pray together… with some good coffee or tea with a piece of cake
Thursday, 2-weekly @14:00

God's Not Dead

Do you find it difficult to answer questions about the existence of God, good and evil, Jesus and the resurrection, … but you love to think and discuss about it? In this smallgroup, we will focus on difficult questions to shake your and others’ worldview.
Thomas & Nele
Thursday, weekly @19:00

Campus (students only)

Monday, weekly @19h30

It’s time to grow up
Natanja & Naomie
Monday, weekly @19h30

Alpha Course (in Chinese) 启•发小组
Xin & Shan
Friday, weekly @19h00

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