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Were you not able to attend a Sunday service but would like to still follow along with the current preaching series? That’s possible by listening to our video recordings of sermons here.

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Called by Name (ENG)

Uitgekozen (NLD-DUT)

God's Blueprint (ENG)

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Gods Blauwdruk (NLD-DUT)

Abide (ENG)

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Verblijven (NLD-DUT)

GO Make Disciples (ENG)

God geeft eenzamen een thuis (NLD-DUT)

Defining Faith (NLD-DUT)

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Compassion International: Harriet Hofsink (ENG)

Compassion International: Harriet Hofsink (NLD-DUT)

Leaving a Legacy (ENG)

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Leaving a Legacy (NLD-DUT)

SEED: Next Step (ENG) - Who we are as Every Nation Gent

SEED: Next Step (NLD-DUT) - Wie zijn wij als Every Nation Gent

Building Strong Disciples (ENG)

Sterke Discipelen Maken (NLD-DUT)

Awesome God

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The Cost

God's Not Dead

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— Sermon Notes —

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