At Every Nation Gent we are passionate about Jesus Christ. After His resurrection, He gave the command to His disciples to go into all the world and tell everyone about this great event. For this reason we believe God has called us to SHARE GOD WITH HEARTS AND MINDS.

Some people need proof and evidence for the existence of God. The simplest place to find this is in the death and resurrection of Jesus. However, there are people who struggle with more emotional heart questions, like for instance the problem of pain and suffering and the existence of evil in this world.

For this reason we are committed to be sharing God with both the mind as well as the heart and emotions. God can be understood as well as experienced. This is actually the way God wants us to know Him … in both our understanding and emotions.

Faith is not a blind trust in something that cannot be explained, neither is it a belief in something that is far reaching from our emotions and experiences. Jesus is alive and He needs to be explained on an intellectual as well as an  experiential level.